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  • Personalised wooden salmon pink whale
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    Hands up who loves the seaside?

    My hand is up for sure and if my customers are anything to go by there is a whole host of seaside lovers out there!

    My boats, with their quirky charm, bring back memories of wonderful, carefree, bucket & spade kinda holidays... what great memories to have.

    This is the reason why I make these little wooden boats for you. To bring back holiday memories and make you smile from their quirky charm. But most of all, what better way to celebrate special family occasions than with a bit of seaside magic! 

    My studio days are spent designing and making orders while my dog Cooper, the Border Terrier keeps me company. Inspired by coastal holidays in Suffolk and Cornwall, I use seaside colours in my work to create cute personalised boats for boys and girls... and sometimes even grown-ups.   

    It all started back in the '90s when I used to make driftwood mirrors. This was fine while I lived in Suffolk nearer the coast, but became a bit tricky when I moved to London to study Display & Presentation.  After finishing college, I decided that being my own boss was the way forward and now 20 years on I'm still working for myself. The last 10 years have been all about designing and making boats, with over 16,000 boats leaving my studio.

    The day to day life of a self employed crafter.

    Every morning, without fail, I have a game of ball with my dog Cooper, the Studio Assistant, 'we' discuss the plan of action for the day...and how many biscuits he will get paid.

    I am guilty of watching/listening to 'bad' crime dramas on TV while I work and have been known to be a 'repeat' offender when it comes to watching Miss Marple!

    When you support my creative business and place a lovely order...it allows me to buy more biscuits and toys for the hairy Studio Assistant.